icntire Tire Change

 For your any type of vehicle, we have high quality and premium tire brands for affordable prices.

Wheel Alignment Service

 Wheel Alignment

 For your wheels, we have the precision equipment and expertise to check your alignment and fix it if needed.

Battery Sales and ServiceBattery change & service

For your any type of vehicle, we have the high quality premium car battery brands for affordable prices.

Car WashCar Wash

For your vehicle, we have car wash with variety car wash options at affordable prices.

Oil and Filter ChangeOil & Filter Change

For your any type of engine, we have the high quality premium oil & filter brands for affordable prices.

Delivery ServiceDelivery Service

For corparate and wholesale clients, we have fast shipping and delivery.


Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Extend the life of your vehicle's power source

The average car battery only lasts about three to five years. If you live in especially hot or cold climates, these extreme temperatures can cause your battery to wear out sooner. You can extend your own battery's life by following the these simple maintenance tips:

Keep it clean: Clean the battery terminals on the top of the battery every three months or so with a wire brush. This ensures there's nothing between the terminals and the connectors to interrupt the power supply. Also, ensure the terminals are nice and tight to prevent power drainage which may make it difficult to start your car.

Disconnect when not used:  Disconnect the connector from the negative terminal of your battery if you know the car will not be driven for two weeks or longer.  Make sure you keep the connector away from the battery when you close the hood.

Start up and drive occasionally: The alternator recharges your battery when it is being driven, so try to start and drive for at least 20 minutes twice a week. Many starting cycles, coupled with short run times will leave your battery below the ideal charged specification. Too many short trips without sufficient drive time will shorten the life of your battery, so make sure you start AND drive your vehicle to keep the battery fully charged.

oil change

Oil and Filter Changing Tips

Oil changes are a part of your regular car and engine maintenance. They should not be forgotten about and need to be done regularly. They are extremely important to making sure your car lasts for a long time. Oil change frequency varies on your car and really on who you talk to. Some people think cars can last 10,000 miles on their oil, others say not even half that. A nice general rule is every four to six months, or somewhere around 5,000 miles. If your car is new, it may have a scheduled maintenance program in which your oil will be changed at the correct intervals. There are some benefits to changing your oil. First, it will expand your car's "life expectancy". Oil changes do a number of things, including reducing the friction in your engine by lubricating the engine (which will lower the heat output), and it will also remove any pollutants that should not be in your car's system. Oil changes are a crucial part of car maintenance, which sometimes gets forgotten. Over 5% of the accidents that occur today are due to poor or a total lack of car maintenance. Having your oil changed can help prevent an accident. Having not enough, or the wrong type of oil can lead to decreased gas mileage, which will mean more money out of your pocket at the gas pump. Overall, the importance of an oil change is huge, and you should make sure that your car gets enough oil changes over the life of the car.


Wheel Rim Buying Tips

Nothing enhances the look of a car more than new rims. However, there are many factors to take into account besides just buying the shiniest rims at the nearest automotive store. Knowing the proper size and materials of the wheel and rims before purchasing them takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process, especially for someone who may not know much about automotive parts or accessories. Softer wheel materials such as aluminum can crack or bend if used on rough roads continuously and heavier materials such as steel can reduce fuel economy, handling performance, and speed if they are used primarily for highway driving. The wrong size of wheels and rims can damage tires and other important vehicle equipment such as the transmissions or brakes. Rims can be found easily and at competitive prices on eBay, the world’s leading online marketplace. By following the suggestions in this guide, anyone can find attractive yet functional wheels for a vehicle.



Tire Pressure - Correct tire pressure ensures optimum vehicle handling for comfort and safety. And it will make tires last longer and help maximize a vehicle’s fuel economy.

Tire Tread Depth - Having good tires with sufficient tread depth is crucial for driving safety, particularly in wet or snowy road conditions. Driving a vehicle with low tread depth puts you at increased risk for a crash. To slow the wear on your tires, keep them properly inflated and perform any needed suspension repairs or wheel alignments in a timely manner.

Tire Balance/Rotation and Wheel Alignment - Proper tire balance and regular rotation help maximize tire life and provide a safer driving experience by preventing uneven wear. Have the tire balance checked if you feel unusual vibrations through the steering or chassis, and rotate the tires at the mileage interval specified in your vehicle owner’s manual. If your tires wear unevenly, or the vehicle “pulls” to the left or right, it is time to have the suspension inspected and the wheels aligned.

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